Monday, September 12, 2016

Fwd: TQR Weekly 9-12-2016



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TQR Weekly 9-12-2016

Featured Article

Street Vending and Competitive Advantage: Towards Building a Theoretical Framework
Aborampah Amoah-Mensah, University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Featured Article

From Interview to Transcript to Story: Elucidating the Construction of Journalistic Narrative As Qualitative Research
Jørgen Jeppesen, The National Rehabilitation Center for Neuromuscular Disorders, Denmark

How To Article

You Poor Thing: A Retrospective Autoethnography of Visible Chronic Illness as a Symbolic Vanishing Act
Alexandra CH Nowakowski, Florida State University

Featured Blog

Quirkos: Starting a qualitative research thesis, and choosing a CAQDAS package

TQR 8th Annual Conference, January 12-14, 2017

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