Educational Degrees

2013    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Sociology and Anthropology, University of Newcastle, Australia
               Thesis: Experiences of the 1996–2006 Civil Conflict in Nepal:  Narratives of Engagement of Tamangs (Indigenous People) and Bahun-Chhetris (Non-Indigenous People)
            Advisor: Pamela Nilan and Terrence Leahy

1999    Master’s Degree (MA) in Sociology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
               Thesis: Socio-Economic Status and Use of Primary Health Care Services: A Sociological Study in Sankhuwasabha District, Nepal
            Advisor: Bipin Acharya

1996    Bachelor’s Degree in Education (BEd), Tribhuvan University, Nepal
               Thesis: Assessment of Health Behavior of Community People in Chapagaun Village, Lalitpur, Nepal
            Advisor: Krisna Prasad Acharya

Educational Certificates and Diplomas

2016   Postbaccalaureate [Graduate] Certificate in Adult Education and Teaching, University of Minnesota, USA

2016   Advanced Equity and Diversity Certificate, University of Minnesota, USA

2016   Certificate in Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Program, North Central Sociological Association, USA

2015   Certificate in Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Program, University of Minnesota, USA

2009   Certificate Course in Conflict Analysis, United States Institute of Peace, USA

2002   Certificate in Management of Drug Supplies, Robert Gordon University, UK

2002   Postgraduate Certificate in Planning and Program Design, Swiss Tropical Institute, Switzerland

2001   Postgraduate Diploma in Health Care and Management, Swiss Tropical Institute, Switzerland

1998   Diploma in Human Resource Development, All India Council for Management Studies, India

1992    Proficiency Certificate in General Medicine, Institute of Medicine, Nepal

Additional Skills and Professional Development

Research Methodology, Data Processing and Analysis

2017    When Qualitative Researchers Care, TQR 8th Annual Conference, Nova Southeastern University, Jan. 12–14
2015    Thinking Qualitatively Workshop Series, International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, University of Edmonton, Canada, June 15–19
2011    Research Higher Degree Completion Symposium, Office of Graduate Studies, University of Newcastle, Nov. 16–17
2010    Social Science Methodology Conference, Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Incorporated (ACSPRI), Dec. 1–3
2011    Research Writing Challenges and Skills Workshops: Time Management, The Seven Secrets, Defeating Self-Sabotage and Turbo-charge Your Research, by Maria Gardiner and Hugh Kearns, Flinders University, May 24–25
2008    QSR NVivo 7 Qualitative Research Software Training, Centre for the Study of Research Training and Impact (SORTI), University of Newcastle, Nov. 17
2005    Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) training, Institute of Engineering, Kathmandu, Nepal, Aug. 1–15
2001    Training on Health System Research Methodology, Nepal Health Research Council, Kathmandu, Nepal, Nov. 26–30
2000    EPI-INFO computer training, Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, Oct. 14–20
1997    Windows Application Course (MS DOS, Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Gem Educational Home, Lalitpur, Dec. 2, 1996 – Feb. 19, 1997

Grant Making and Proposal Development

2015    Ambassador Training: Campaign Best Practices for Agency Partners, Campaign Best Practices for New Ambassadors, Increasing Major Gift Donors and Leadership Givers, and Recruiting an Effective Campaign Committee, Greater Twin Cities United Way, July 16
2015    Grant funding for New Researchers, University of Minnesota, Feb. 11
2000    Proposal Development Workshop, World Health Organization and Collaborating Partners, Bangkok, Thailand, Nov. 29 – Dec. 8

Community Engagement

2017    Navigator Training for the Opportunity Community, Century College, Minnesota, July 31           
2017    Coaching Institute: Become a Certified Poverty Coach, Normandale Community College and Communication Across Barriers, Minnesota, July 26-27
2017    Poverty Institute: Understanding and Assisting people in moving out of poverty, Normandale Community College and Communication Across Barriers, Minnesota, July 24-25
2017    Prosperity Summit: Building an Opportunity Community, Century College, Minnesota, June 15
2014    Community Transformation: Hopes and Challenges, German Association of Evangelical Missions and others, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, May 19–23
2008    Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Conference, Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle, Australia, Dec. 3–5
2008    Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Effective Facilitation Training, Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle, Australia, Dec. 1–2
2007    South Asia HIV/AIDS Consultation Workshop “Towards a Shared Vision on Sexual and Reproductive Health”, Inter-Church Cooperation Organization of Netherlands, Bangkok, Sept. 9–13
2005    Orientation Training on Rights-Based-Approach to Development, Britain Nepal Medical Trust, Biratnagar, Nepal, Apr. 12–15
2003    HIV/AIDS workshop Stepping Up Efforts Against HIV/AIDS, Inter-Church Cooperation Organization of Netherlands, Assam, India, Nov. 18–21
2001    Emergency Disaster Management, Nepal Red Cross Society, Biratnagar, Nepal, Aug. 23–29

Race, Ethnicity and Cross-culture

2017    From Knowledge to Practice: Using Both Indigenous Wisdom and Academic Research to Improve Native American Nutrition, the Second Annual Conference on Native American Nutrition, USA, Sept. 18–20
2016    From Knowledge to Practice: Using Both Indigenous Wisdom and Academic Research to Improve Native American Nutrition, the First Annual Conference on Native American Nutrition, USA, Sept. 26–27
2015    Cross Cultural Forum Facilitation Training, International Student and Scholar Services, University of Minnesota, Oct. 13
2015    Cross Cultural Leadership Retreat, International Student and Scholar Services, University of Minnesota, Mar. 27–28
2012    Workshop on Theorizing Indigenous Sociology: Developing Australian and International Approaches, The Australian Sociological Association (TASA), July 19–20
2010    Tibetan Buddhism and the Tibetan Art of Healing, by Dr. Geoffery Samuel and Dr. Alex Broom, University of Sydney, Sept. 24
2006    International Conference on Social Sciences in a Multicultural World: Addressing the Persistence of Deprivation, Conflict and Violence, Kathmandu, Dec. 11–13
2001    Meaning of Languages and Behaviors in Different Cultures, Swiss Tropical Institute, Switzerland, Feb. 28 – Mar. 9

Equity and Access to Health and Social Services

2015    STAR-Lite Training: Learning Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience, Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute, Dec. 4
2011    Study of Health and Society Workshop, by Professor Steven Wainwright, Professor Claire Williams and Dr. Alex Broom, University of Sydney, Jan. 4
2007    23rd All Nepal Medical Conference (ANEMECON) “Integrated Health Care Delivery System in Nepal- Composite Dialogue”, Nepal Medical Association, Nov. 1–3
2006    Health Rights of Women Assessment Instrument (HeRWAI) Workshop, Aim for Human Rights (the Netherlands) and Britain Nepal Medical Trust (Nepal), Biratnagar, Sept. 6-7
2004    Regional Conference on TB, HIV/AIDS/STI and Respiratory Infections, SAARC TB Center, Kathmandu, Nepal, Dec. 14–17
2004    International Conference on Improving Use of Medicines, World Health Organization and Chulalongkorn University, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Mar. 30 – Apr. 2
2003    Post-Graduate Course and IUATLD (International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases) Conference, Nepal, Sept. 22–25
2001    International Conference on Pharmaceutical Affairs, Department of Drug Administration (DDA/Nepal) and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP/USA), Kathmandu Nepal, Dec. 17–20
1999    4th National Training Course on Rational Use of Drugs, International Network for Rational Use of Drugs (INRUD) Nepal, Kathmandu, Oct. 3–8
1999    Regional Drug Information Workshop, Department of Drug Administration, Pokhara, Jan. 13–14
1995    Mental Health Training, Community Health and Development Project, United Mission to Nepal, Lalitpur, Mar. 17–18
1996    Special Professional Training on Depo-Provera Injection, Nepal Fertility Care Centre and Nepal Contraceptives Retail Sales Company, Kathmandu, Dec. 18–19
1995    The Oral Health Block Training in Community Oral Health Care, Oral Health Project, United Mission to Nepal, Lalitpur June 19–29
1994    Operational Theatre Management and Asepsis Training, Family Planning Association of Nepal, Lalitpur, Apr. 21–27
1993    Counselling Training on Family Planning, Family Planning Association of Nepal, Kanchanpur, Oct. 5–10

Leadership, Management and Organization Development

2015    Art of Hosting: Participatory Leadership Training, University of Minnesota, Oct. 24 and 31
2010    Independent Review of the Leadership Development Program, Sydney, May 17
2009    Leadership Refresh Workshop, AusAID, Sydney, July 10
2008    Leadership Development Conference, AusAID, Canberra, Mar. 16–19
2008    Leadership Workshop, Dooralong, New South Wales, July 8–10
2008    Peer Coaching, Dr. Marita Naude (Mentor), Curtin University, July–Dec.
2005    Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening Training, Organization Development Centre, Nepal, Apr. 3–8
2005    Advisory Skills Development Training, Organization Development Centre, Nepal, Jan. to June
2001    Managing Change, Britain Nepal Medical Trust, Biratnagar, July 23–24
2000    Project Management Training, Technical Institute for Technical Instruction, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, June 19–30
1999    Vision 2000: Intensive Management Training for Middle Managers, Britain Nepal Medical Trust, Biratnagar, Apr. 26 – May 13

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

2014    Strategy Planning, International Nepal Fellowship (INF), Nepal, Oct. 13-14
2007    Strategy Planning Training, Communication and Management Institute, Nepal, Jan. 3–5
2007    Regional planning and program review workshops, National Tuberculosis Centre/ Eastern Regional Health Directorate, Nepal, in every 4 months
2006    MS Project Management and Adobe Acrobat, Britain Nepal Medical Trust, Sept. 16-20
2005    Monitoring and Evaluation Training, Bond, London, the United Kingdom, Sept. 16
2003    Gender mainstreaming workshop, World Health Organization and Government of Nepal, Kathmandu, May 21–24
2002    Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Training, Education/Language/Development Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal, Jan. 14–19

Academic and Professional Development

2017    STAR Symposium: Teaching Innovations, Minnesota Online Quality Initiative, Feb. 10
2016-2017 Institute for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Instruction, Course Content and Pedagogy, Century College, USA
2015    Certificate of Continuing Education Clock Hours: CEHD Saturday Scholars, University of Minnesota and Minnesota Board of School Administrators, Nov. 7
2010    Postgraduate Writing Group Seminars, University of Newcastle, two hours in every two weeks from Aug. to Dec.
2008    Academic Writing Workshop for Academic Staff and Research Higher Degree Students, by Emeritus Professor Barbara Kalmer, Deakin University, Aug. 20–21
2008    Introductory Academic Program for AusAID Scholars, University of Newcastle, Jan. 10 – Feb. 8
2002    Master Training of Trainers: Birth Preparedness Package, Save the Children (US), Siraha, Nepal, Dec. 19–20
2002    Master Training of Trainers: Community Drug Program, Department of Health Services (LMD/DHS), Kathmandu, Nepal, Nov. 28–30
2000    Professional English Training for Managers, British Council, Kathmandu, Feb. 7–11
1997    Basic Training of Trainers (BTOT), Britain Nepal Medical Trust, Dec. 14–19
1995    Training of Trainers on Female Community Health Volunteers, District Health Office, Lalitpur, May 17–26